Feelings of vengeance

Feelings of vengeance are extraordinary strong. Thereby they are also extraordinary dangerous. Yesterday I saw a documentary on someone who was fired from his company after having stolen a small amount of money ($ 69). The company was an airliner, where the man was working as a cleaner of planes. After his superior had fired him, the man got himself a pistol, bought a ticket on one of the flights of his former employee Pacific Southwest Airlines, and was able to get on board with the pistol. He knew his supervisor was a passenger on the flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco, which he took regularly for his daily commute to and from work. On an airsickness bag the man wrote a message for his former boss to read, and gave it to him on his way to the toilets. There he took his pistol, walked back into the aisle and shot his former supervisor with two bullets. Also the flight attendant who reported in the cockpit that there was a problem was shot by him. When the pilots had asked her what the problem was, the man had answered ‘I’m the problem’ before killing the pilots too. He pushed the rudder down so that the plane descended in a 70 degrees angle and the aircraft hit the ground at five thousand times the force of gravity. The impact was so intense that the soil rebounded and threw fragments of the plane and everything in it into the air before the explosion could reach them. As a result much of the paper was untouched by fire. On one of the pieces of paper was written the final message of the perpetrator:
Hi Ray. I think it's sort of ironical that we ended up like this. I asked for some leniency for my family. Remember? Well, I got none and you'll get none.
Feelings of revenge are one of the most intense and poisonous emotions of man. Don’t play with them.