The screen

What happens when digital technologies increasingly lay down our worldpicture?

On the Hubble Space Telescope and the connection of science and art in our picture of outer space:
The Digital Aesthetics of Space Research

Science-fiction imagery as a case of our desire to imagine the impossible:
Screening the Impossible. For Photomuseum Antwerp

A short story on excessive fascination for the screen:
The Eye of Horus (or: flight from that which is real to reality). In RTRSRCH

On the intimate connection of the digitization of our body-image and our self-image:
The Power of the Techno-Body-Image . Presented at CRESC

Thinking with Bergson and Deleuze, what actually is the intuition that interface design so much strives for?
Metaphysics of Design: Intuition and the Unconscious . Keynote at McGill Montreal

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